Water Heaters

Having enough hot water won’t be a concern with a new Rheem hot water heater.  They are the most dependable and efficient hot water heaters on the market.  Rheem offers many options to satisfy your hot water requirements including induced draft, power vent, standard, and electric.


Rheem Water Heaters

All Rheem hot water heaters are maintenance free and feature the EverKleen patented system to keep the heater operable and flowing for many years.  These hot water heaters also feature the Guardian system and sensor, which in the presence of a flammable vapor will shut the tanks ignition system down.  Speaking of safety, all hot water heaters also come with a temperature and pressure relief valve.


Rheem Hot Water HeaterRheem hot water heaters come with premium grade anode rods which extends the life of your hot water heater.  These anode rods are exclusive to Rheem water heaters, ensuring their commitment to offering the best in the industry.


No more are matches required to light your water heater.  The pilot of a standard water heater is now lit with a push button located on the gas valve.  Induced draft and power vent heaters ignite themselves when there is a call for hot water.


Induced Draft

Induced draft hot water heaters take the place of standard heaters by still utilizing the chimney.  Not requiring an additional pipe to be run to the exterior of your home, like a power vent water heater needs, lowering the installation cost.  Induced draft water heaters take up less space than a standard 40 gallon tank.  By having a 29 gallon capacity these tanks take up less room and still do a better job of delivering hot water than a standard 50 gallon tank.  Induced draft water heaters are also more efficient at heating water than standard tanks.


Power Vent

Power vent hot water heaters are installed using one or two PVC pipes for venting and combustion air.  Mainly used when a chimney is not available.  Power vent tanks are more efficient than standard tanks and are able to deliver more hot water than standard hot water heaters of comparable size.



A standard tank is the most widely used type of hot water heater.  Also considered “atmospheric”, these hot water heaters vent up your chimney using gravity or the draft created by your chimney.  In the short term, these are the most economical tanks to have installed.  If you plan on using your hot water heater for years to come we recommend considering an induced draft hot water heater.



Electric water heaters can be used for the whole home or in just a point of use situation.  These tanks come in sizes ranging from 2.5 to 55 gallons.  Electric water heaters feature an over temperature protector that shuts the tank down when regular operating temperature is exceeded.  Some heaters come with LED diagnostics to verify operation and expedite servicing.



Commercial water heaters typically have higher BTU ratings than residential heaters, rating anywhere from 98,000 to 399,900 Btu/h, giving faster recovery and an overall higher water temperature.  Commercial water heaters also come with multiple supply and return taps, giving options in which to connect the water piping.  If you’re looking for water heating options for your home or business give us a call so we can help you with the process.



A storage tank can be piped with an existing hot water heater to extend the amount of hot water available to you.  If you have a boiler in your home, a storage tank can be connected to it taking the place of your water heater.


If your hot water heater is the only piece of equipment currently using your chimney we highly recommend having a chimney liner installed.