Nest Learning ThermostatTake control of your HVAC system with a new thermostat.  Whether your home or on-the-go; you can benefit with a new thermostat.  Making use of programmable functioning can save on average up to 15% of your yearly energy bills.  Smart thermostats can help save even more.

Now capable of Internet connectivity, you can help manage your home energy usage from afar.  Multi-stage HVAC equipment can also benefit from a new thermostat.  Have a home with zoning?  Upgrading stats will increase comfort levels and energy saved.

Rebates are available to have a new thermostat installed along with your new HVAC system rebates, for additional savings.  Previous thermostat sensors can lose efficiency over time.  Mercury based thermostats will also begin to give false temperature readings over time.  For best use and understanding of your system, new thermostats come with 1 degree accuracy.  We carry thermostats manufactured by Honeywell, Nest, ecobee and White Rodgers.



Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat

Smart thermostats are the ultimate in HVAC system control.  After giving basic heating and cooling settings these thermostats are ready to go.  Through the use of sensors, smart thermostats “learn” to know when you are home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

They optimize for the greatest efficiency of your HVAC system without compromising comfort.  One could expect upwards of 20% savings with a smart thermostat.  Smart thermostats are also wifi capable so they can be accessed using a tablet or cell phone.  Some smart thermostats come with extra sensors to monitor temperatures in multiple rooms to give the best comfort to the rooms you use the most.




Programmable thermostats are a set it and forget it type of control after basic programming.  Typical settings allow you to change the temperature four times a day.  So when you wake up or come home your system is ready for you.

Modern programmables can anticipate how long it will take to heat or cool your home and begin the cycle as needed.  These stats can also come wifi capable so you may still have control from anywhere.  Looking to move the location of your thermostat?  We carry stats that don’t need costly rerouting of wires to the HVAC unit.

For biggest savings when programming, it is recommended to have an 8 degree difference when the home is unoccupied in the winter and 4 degrees in the summer.  Anymore than that and it will be harder for your system to get back to the temperature you want when you want it.  When away on vacation you can increase the temperature difference even more.

We recommend battery replacement every two years for all stats.  Which is taken care of when regular maintenance is performed by Unlimited.