Air Scrubber Plus

Air Scrubber PlusWould you like to take control over the quality of the air in your home?  The air we breathe in our homes, according to the EPA, is on average 2-5 times more polluted than the worst outside air.  Air Scrubber Plus replicates the cleaning properties of nature.  Actively creating molecules of oxygen and hydrogen, the Air Scrubber Plus helps keep your home or business clean in the air and on the surfaces.


Air Scrubber Plus reduces in home contaminants up to 99.9%.  Within the first 30 minutes of operation this unit will have already destroyed 90% of the pathogens in the air of your home or business.  As the unit quietly works around the clock you can be rest assured that the surfaces and air are clean.  The ActivePure technology ensures a great reduction in pollen, dust, odor caused by pets or bacteria, cigarette smoke, and cooking odors.

Allergy sufferers using the Air Scrubber Plus have noted a great reduction of symptoms when residing in their own home or business.  Homeowners with pets noted a large reduction in the usual pet odors.  Air Scrubber Plus has been extensively tested to remove particulates from the air and surface contaminants. Testing was performed at the University of Cincinnati and Kansas State University.

The Air Scrubber Plus can be installed with your existing heating and cooling system.  This unit can also be installed in rooftop units for businesses.  Coupled with a media air filter you can experience clean air in your home or business like never before.  The Air Scrubber Plus is ideal for homes, offices, hospitals and schools.  For those sensitive to ozone, an ozone free unit is also available.




How It WorksAir Scrubber Plus Honeycomb

Air Scrubber Plus consists of reactive metals and titanium oxide surrounding a specialized UV light.  When the UV light comes into contact with the honeycomb of metals a catalytic reaction takes place.  The charged particles that are created are distributed throughout your home or business, utilizing your furnace fan, consistently cleaning the air and surfaces.  A single Air Scrubber Plus can handle up to 3,000 square feet.