Hot water boilers are often considered the most comfortable way to heat a home.  To extend that comfort for efficiency, there are options available to save money and enjoy the warmth.  Adding a pump to a gravity system, zoning, or adding outdoor reset helps your boiler reach its full potential.  A new Peerless boiler comes with both outdoor reset and pumping controls making this an Energy Star efficient boiler. 

Peerless Boiler Outdoor ResetPeerless Boiler

Peerless cast iron boilers are ready to be installed right out of the crate.  Featuring direct spark ignition (DSI) there is no longer a need for a pilot flame.  DSI is a reliable flame ignition method that doesn’t waste gas.  The boiler’s low profile design allows it to be installed almost anywhere and it can still use your chimney for venting.  We do recommend that a chimney liner be installed to protect your chimney.  An electrically controlled vent damper helps stop warm air from being drawn up the chimney when your boiler is not in use.  Safety features of these boilers include a flame rollout safety switch and a vent safety switch. 

Outdoor Reset

A boiler reset control, also known at outdoor reset, monitors the outdoor temperature and adjusts the temperature at which your boiler operates.  For a majority of the season here in DuPage and Cook counties the average boiler does not need to reach its highest temperature set point in order to provide adequate heat.  Through the use of algorithms, the boiler reset control calculates how much heat is needed given the type of system in your home and the conditions outside.  On average you can expect a savings of 20% on utility bills by installing this system. 


Through the application of zoning you can have more control of your hot water boiler system.  If you only use certain rooms or parts of the house more than others, it may be possible to separate those “zones” and be able to control them separately.  This can save you money by not heating areas that are not being used. 


If you currently have a gravity system, meaning there is not a pump, your comfort will benefit greatly by adding a pump to your boiler.  By adding a pump you will have a much more even heat distribution throughout your home.    Variable speed pumps are the newest pumps to add to hot water boiler systems.  Variable speed pumps are able to control the rate at which they allow the water to flow.  Realistic savings can be expected in the 70%-90% range!  Controlling the rate at which it pumps increases the overall comfort level provided by your boiler. 

Domestic Hot Water

Your boiler is also capable of taking the place of your hot water heater.  Instead of a conventional hot water heater, a storage tank is installed that is piped into the boiler.  This storage tank has heating priority to ensure you always have hot water without the lack of heating capabilities for your home.Homes with hot water systems can still enjoy the benefits of whole home humidity.  Through the use of an non-ducted humidifier, your comfort during winter will be better than ever.