Home Energy Rebates

There’s no better time to have a new high efficiency heating and cooling system installed in your home.  Rebates from Nicor or Peoples coupled with ComEd rebates can save you considerably when upgrading to a new system.  Replacement of a water heater at the same time will not only give you piece of mind, but even more savings.  Rebates will expire May 31, 2017.  Don’t miss this opportunity.


Home and Water Heating Packages $500-$600

High Efficiency Furnaces $200-$250

High Efficiency Boilers $425

Smart Thermostats $50

Programmable Thermostats $20


This rebate is available when a new high efficiency air conditioning system is installed with a new high efficiency furnace.

Air Conditioning

Greater than or equal to 16 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER)   $400

Greater than or equal to 15 SEER    $300

ECM Furnace Blower

Factory Installed $50

Upgraded blower in an existing furnace or air handler $125

Smart Thermostat up to $100


Boiler + Integrated Domestic Hot Water two-in-one Unit  $600

Hot Water Boiler 88% AFUE or greater $450

Gas Furnace 95% AFUE or greater $200

Indirect Water Heater 88% AFUE or greater $150

Smart Thermostat $50

Programmable thermostat $20